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Horses in Heaven is a story about faith on multiple levels: faith in self, faith in another, faith in the unseen, faith in the afterlife, and yes, even faith in horses. In 1975, while traveling to Seattle, Gunter and Esme happen to meet and spend four days together. Over the course of the next forty years, they return to Seattle every year to rekindle their love and commitment to each other. Four days may not seem like much, but with each passing year, the reader is provided a window into the complex lives of Gunter and Esme.  Click here to order a copy. 


The image of the serene cozy village tucked in the bluffs along the Minnesota River, the ideal place to celebrate Christmas, begins to fade under an investigation to determine who stole baby Jesus. As the community of Germantown tries to solve the mystery surrounding the missing baby Jesus, numerous other secrets are exposed. The postcard portrayal of the village begins to crack. Before the Advent season expires and the holiest of holy nights arrives, the community, and specifically First Lutheran Church, resemble Bethlehem. Apparently even if the baby Jesus is found, no one is sure there is room for him in the manger. Citizens of Germantown and members of First Lutheran question if they are in the right place. Even more reason for the birth of Christ "In the Right Place."  Click here to order a copy. 


During the Lenten Journey, just as Jesus was, so the Collectible Treasures of the Kingdom of God are threatened, challenged, questioned, and tempted. Many discover themselves pondering, wondering, and questioning matters of faith, justice, salvation, God's promise, and the redemptive power of Christ's death and resurrection. The forty days of Lent refine the Collectible Treasures and brings them to the foot of the cross where the blood of Christ drips upon each one and prods them to the mouth of the empty tomb where the refreshing mist of salvation is once again splashed upon the head and every ear hears, "He is not here. He is risen. Alleluia." Among the sojourners, on the forty-day journey, is the pastor. Similar to the parishioners he is called to serve his steps also leave a deep imprint beneath the tread marks of doubt and the weight of temptations. The pastor's personal struggles are amplified, initially, by the likes of a cantankerous, curmudgeon, retired pastor, who wants, no, demands, to be greeted as Herr Pastor. In the pages that follow, we travel with these treasures, and in some shape or form, their stories are our stories so that we too are carried to the cross and the empty tomb that the words, "He is not here. He is risen," pierce our souls as we bask in the mist of salvation.  Click here to order a copy. 


Walking back from Nicks grave, his mom pushing against her husband and forcing him to carry her as he had once carried Nicks colt, she whimpered in broken syllables through the tears streaking down her face, ""Is th-this Gods w-w-will?"" Have you ever wondered what your pastors life is like? Some may wonder whats its like to work one day a week, while others who truly understand the vocation may wonder how a pastor navigates the difficult ups and downs of a life always on call. In The Kingdom of Collectible Treasures, Douglas Knick provides an insider look at this incredibly rewarding and sometimes thankless job as it explores the joys, challenges, and surprises of a newly ordained pastor struggling to remain faithful to God and to the people of his congregation. The unique and engaging format of the book invites the reader into a worship service that serves as the foundation for each story. Follow along through each story as the pastor learns more about God and more about himself, and you too will experience the undaunted power and ability of the gospel to change and transform lives. Sometimes the joys of salvation and being upheld in the spirit are delivered in the most unusual ways, and like the parishioners, you might encounter a God who cannot be limited by tradition but who continually expresses abounding and endless love for us all.  Click here to order a copy.